perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2016


Usually I write in Finnish just because it comes more naturally to me, but this time I'll make an exception and write this post in English. I just came back to Finland from our awesome trip from Barcelona! I think the most awesome thing that you can spend money on, is to go travelling. I never really travelled a lot when I was younger so now I have some catching up to do :) We got some really cheap flights from Norwegian's new years sale, costing only 50€ per ticket. We went there with my brother Johan and our mutual friend Tuulikki. None of us have been to Barcelona before, so none of us had really any idea what you should do or where you should go. Luckily we had lots of friends who recommended us cool places where we could eat and drink. A few of our favourite places to eat and hang out were A Tu Bola where food and beer is really good and affordable and the staff super friendly, vegerestaurant called Teresa Carles were the food was delicious and a really cool skater bar called Nevermind where you could eat popcorn and drink really cheap beer. At least to me 2,50€ for a beer is really cheap.

One of my favourite things in Barcelona was that it's perfect for just walking around to get an idea about the city. We never used the metro and we could just walk the whole day enjoying Barcelona's views and atmosphere. First couple of days we spent time together just the three of us and we thought it would be cool to meet some locals as well. So what better way to meet some new people is there than browsing Tinder? ;) Just to avoid hookup messages we wrote that we're here with couple of friends and we just wanted to meet some cool people. And so we did. We met this really cool Turkish guy called Mustafa, who had lived in Barcelona for a year and also this really nice Indian guy called Gireesh. Although you write with people, you can't really say what they're like until you see each other. But we got really lucky because both of them were super nice and we even got an invitation from Mustafa to visit there again and that we could stay at their apartment. On our last day we went to eat and have a beer with him and he said that he feels like he has known us forever, even though we'se seen each other only twice. It's the magic when you have a connection with someone. You feel like you've known each other for years, even though you just got to know them.

I highly recommend people to visit Barcelona. Just to walk around and getting to know new people, see Gaudi's buildings, going to museums and to vintage stores, have a beer and eat in some cool places and going to the food market. I'm definately going there again and the next time Nasty Monday's will be on the list because we didn't get a chance to go there yet.

So here's the photos from our trip, sorry that there is so many of them! Usually I publish the photos I've taken with my SLR, but this time all of the photos have been taken with my phone. Except the one with me and the blanket which was taken with Tuulikki's phone ;)

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